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We Made It By Jennifer Garner

We Made It By Jennifer Garner

We Made It by Jennifer Garner

Kids love creating. Whether it’s a fingerpaint masterpiece or the world’s tastiest mud pie, little fingers and minds are always ready for an artistic challenge.

The problem is having everything you need on hand for these kids project ideas. You know your time is limited. With so much going on in your life, when are you supposed to find time to run around finding, gathering and buying all the supplies necessary for your little darling’s art project?

Now, all it takes is one quick trip to the store or clicking the ‘buy now’ button on your computer screen to have fun and creative kids crafts projects ready whenever you and your family have the time. With Jennifer Garner’s We Made It kids project ideas and kits, it’s easy for you and your child to make fun crafts you’ll treasure for years.

Geared to children between four and 11, Jennifer Garners’s We Made It kits are reasonably priced. The prices range from $2.99 to $49.99. These kids crafts are perfect for birthday, Christmas, Hanukah and ‘just because you’re special’ gifts.

Project Categories

The kits are divided into four categories, so there’s something for everyone’s individual taste.

The Grow Collection

Kids love nature and the amazing things waiting to be found in their own backyard. The Grow collection has kits for pressing flowers, bird feeders, wind chimes and even some gardening tools.

The Memorable Collection

Projects like family portraits, family trees and treasure boxes give children the opportunity to create lasting memories. You can purchase add-on components like stickers, stencils, glitter, paints and brushes to the basic kits.

The Playful Collection

With the Playful Collection, kids can create their own costumes, build a hideaway, make their own solar lights and crowns. They can stitch a doll’s sleeping bag or even a doll’s princess costume.

The Sweet Collection

With kitchen prep tools like cookie stamps and cutters, measuring cups and mixing bowls to table runner and apron kits, you can encourage an interest in cooking and food preparation. There are even kits for bread making and cupcakes that are perfect for children’s gift giving.

Involve The Entire Family

When grandparents come to call, the Jennifer Garner We Made It collection is the perfect way for kids to spend time and learn skills from Grandma and Grandpa. These are memories everyone will cherish.

For a rainy Saturday afternoon, Jennifer Garner kits are the perfect ‘I’m bored – there’s nothing to do’ solution.

If you ever get the opportunity for date night, set the babysitter up with one of these projects to keep everyone occupied and happy.

Whether you’re the world’s craftiest mom or want to be in the running, Jennifer Garner’s We Made It line of craft products are an easy way to add hours of creative, inventive fun to your child’s life.

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