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Useful and Decorative Mason Jars

Fun Ways To Decorate With Mason Jars

Useful and Decorative Mason Jars
There are great crafting ideas for Mason jars that make the items useful and decorative at anytime of the year. There are also craft project ideas that are designed for certain holidays such as Christmas or Halloween.

One: Mending Kit

Supplies needed:

• Mason jar
• Spray paint
• Fabric scraps
• Batting
• Newspaper
• Cardboard
• Hot glue gun
• Scissors
• Pencil

Because there are many ideas for Mason jars, buy at least a dozen when finding the items in a store. A Mason jar is the perfect container for holding a measuring tape and spools of thread. Cover a tabletop with newspapers to avoid damage while painting and gluing. First, spray paint the metal ring any color that matches or complements the fabric scraps. While the paint dries, continue with the next step by placing the flat metal lid on cardboard and tracing around it with a pencil. Cut out the piece of cardboard before placing a small amount of batting on top. Place a fabric scrap around the top of this batting with the decorative side exposed before using a hot glue gun to fasten the fabric underneath the cardboard and trimming away excess fabric with scissors. Fill the Mason jar with buttons and thread. Place the flat metal lid on top, and add a dollop of glue from the hot glue gun followed by the cushioned and fabric covered cardboard. Screw on the painted metal lid before pushing needles and pins into the cushioning on the top of the jar.

Two: Detergent Dispenser

Supplies needed:

• Mason jar
• Paint designed for glass
• Specialized pump lid
• Adhesive alphabet or decorative stickers
• Plastic sheet
• Dish detergent

Wash and dry a Mason jar to prepare it for painting with spray paint on a plastic covered tabletop. Only paint the exterior of the jar to avoid contaminating the dish detergent. After the paint is completely dry, add adhesive stickers to make words or designs. Fill the jar with dish detergent before screwing on the specialized pump lid.

Three: Seascape Candleholder

Supplies needed:

• Mason jar
• Sand
• Seashells
• Candle

Craft project ideas to remember summer beach trips are simple with Mason jars. Collect sand at the beach to pour into a Mason jar before placing a votive candle in the middle. Shove some seashells along the sides of the filled jar for a decorative effect. Keep the lid off the jar while burning the candle, but use it for storage.

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