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The Supplies And Tools You’ll Need To Start Sewing

Learn How To Sew

The Supplies and Tools You Need to Start Sewing!

Beginner sewing can seem a bit overwhelming at first. You have many options to choose from when it comes to the machine you will use and then you have a plethora of fabrics, accessories, and threads that are out there. It may seem like a lot, but in reality you don’t need a big budget or a lot of accessories to get your first sewing project rolling!

First you want to choose a sewing machine. There are many different kinds. There are computerized, mechanical, embroidery platforms and more! The best thing you can do is to research specific models to see if they meet your current and future needs and interests. The biggest mistake a beginner makes is buying the cheapest sewing machine they can find and then realizing after a few projects that it will not sew certain thick fabrics such as jean or tapestry and you are left with investing more in a different model. However, if you are truly only interested in sewing basic projects like shirts, curtains, or small blankets; then a cheaper basic sewing machine will work just fine for you!

Once you have your machine picked out you will need a few more things to get going with your first project. First, you need to pick out some thread. You should start with a basic fabric thread spool. The color is up to you and there are many to choose from! Secondly you will want a pair of sewing sheers for cutting your fabrics. Next, you will need to get some pins for attaching your fabric together for sewing your seams. You may think you need to buy sewing needles, and eventually you will, but all sewing machines will come with starter needles so there is no need to get any with your first project!

Now that your machine is setup and you have all the supplies you need, the last thing you will do is decide on a project and get some fabric! The project you choose is entirely up to you but it’s best to start out with small beginner projects which you can find in your craft store’s pattern books. Pick out a pattern and then decide on the fabric design you will want to use on it. It is best to start with a thin fabric as they are easier to cut and handle. Purchase the pattern and have your craft store cut your fabric per the specifications of your project and you are ready to sew!

Just remember you will make mistakes as you learn, but just keep going and it will become a second nature in no time! Have fun with it and enjoy your new hobby in sewing!

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