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Sewing and Crafting In 2020

Sewing and Crafting In 2020

Sewing & Crafting in 2020

There was a time when the art of sewing might have been considered a dying craft, and that crafting was simply a hobby that lonely housewives did in their spare time. In 2020 there is a trend surging upward in the sewing and crafting world that not only exhibits the love and popularity of the trade, but also shows an ability to use that trade for financial gain.

There are currently several major sites on the internet that provide a place to showcase an enthusiast’s hand-crafted items for sale. So if you have ever considered learning the art of sewing, or wanted to try your hand at any type of crafting then now might be the time to do so.

One of the largest growths in crafting right now seems to be that of scaled-to-size doll furniture. The market on crafting wooden doll furniture in a 1:6 scale for barbie, and monster high dolls is amazing. Crafting pro’s are using a variety of skills and techniques to create some of the most amazing looking furniture for children and collectors. For beginners there are several how to video’s online showing even the newest of novice’s how to make some amazing pieces. So if you are looking for something to feed that crafting niche, or you are just looking for a new endeavor that might yield a money making opportunity, then this could be your ticket.
Not only is this furniture being crafted out of wood, but the accessories that are being made for the kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms are extraordinary. These crafting enthusiasts are using some modern and age-old techniques to create pillows, blankets, rugs, towels, and a variety of other sewn materials that just bring to life these sets for their target markets. With a sewing machine, some thread, and material from your local material store you could be accessorizing your hand-crafted furniture in no time.

This is just an example of some of the exciting things that are currently going on in the crafting world. If you are a seasoned veteran, or just a beginner, then there is no end that a little imagination and a dabbling hand could not create for fun, or financial gain. If you are just starting out look around your local community for the chance to participate or visit a local craft fair for more ideas on what you could do to tickle that crafting or sewing desire.

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