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Holiday Fabrics

Holiday Fabrics

Holiday Fabrics

Sewing up special holiday and gift items is always fun, but you need to do a little planning ahead of time for everything to be ready when that holiday rolls around. With so much information at your fingertips through the internet, it’s easy to start planning craft and sewing ideas for upcoming holidays and special events.

Holiday fabrics are generally limited time fabrics and are usually in shops months ahead of the season. However, you need to plan wisely, because you won’t have long to purchase these specialty fabrics. Make sure you accurately determine how much you’ll need, because chances are if you’re wrong you won’t be able to find that exact fabric even a few weeks later.

Designer Fabrics VS Discount Fabrics

There’s often a considerable price difference between designer fabrics and ‘no name’ fabric quality. Just like the quality of clothing from a discount store and an upscale boutique differs, the quality of fabrics varies considerably.

Inexpensively made fabric may have a low thread count, the threads can be thin and the quality of dye may be inferior. In addition, the amount of dye, the printing method used and the type of chemical sealer to make the fabric bleed-proof makes a big difference in the quality of the fabric.

What’s Your Project?

The quality of fabric you should use for a project depends a lot on its end use. If you’re making a quick, single use item, you don’t need to use the most costly designer fabric. Outdoor banners, Christmas tree ornaments, door wreaths and costumes are things that you don’t need to spend a fortune to make.

However, if you’re making a seasonal quilt, table runner or an artistic quilted wall hanging, you probably will want to opt for quality fabrics. These are items you’ll probably use for a many years and will most likely be scrutinized by everyone who sees them. It only makes sense to spend a little more on quality holiday fabrics.
This also holds true for items you’ll be giving as gifts. The recipient will be impressed with the quality of the item as well as your craftiness and thoughtfulness.

You’re Worth It

As a seamstress or crafter, you’re proud of your proficiency. You may have spent decade honing your skills. Don’t you owe it to yourself to use the best quality materials?

When you’re out shopping for your next holiday projects, choose holiday limited time fabrics that are worthy of your talents. These creations show your artistic nature. Like using inferior quality ingredients when cooking, using poorly made fabrics in sewing usually ends in less-than-stellar results.

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