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Fall Is In The Air

Mummy Mason Jars - Fall Craft Ideas

Fall Crafting Fall Craft Ideas – Fall Is Coming – Get Ready!

As summer ends and cool temperatures begin, it is the perfect time to make autumn crafts with family and friends. An important aspect of this season is enjoying the changing colors of leaves along with pumpkins and gourds. This means that many fall craft ideas include orange pumpkins and brightly colored tree leaves.

One: Glitter Leaf Decorative Pumpkins

Supplies needed:

• One or more pumpkins (orange or white)
• Nontoxic liquid glue
• Whole tree leaves or leaf stencil
• Sheets of white paper
• Adhesive tape
• Gold colored glitter
• Craft knife
• Dryer softener sheet
• Pencil
• Foam brush
• Paper plate

Choose pumpkins that are in good condition for this craft, and do not remove the stem. Make sure the exterior of a pumpkin is clean and dry before rubbing it gently with a dryer softener sheet to remove static. Protect a tabletop or countertop with layers of newspapers for the next phase of making these autumn crafts for your home. Place a small tree leaf on white paper, and trace around it before using a craft knife to cut out the shape. You can make more than one stencil for this craft or use the same one several times for a decorative effect. Use adhesive tape to attach the leaf stencil to the outside of the pumpkin. Pour the nontoxic glue on a paper plate before dipping in a foam brush to absorb glue to smear on the cutout of the stencil that is attached to the pumpkin. Sprinkle gold glitter on the wet glue, and wait for it to adhere. As the glue dries, lift away the stencil by pulling up the adhesive tape. Continue this decorative process until there are several glitter leaves.

Two: Personalized Chalkboard Painted Pumpkins or Gourds

Supplies needed:

• Miniature pumpkins or small gourds
• Black chalkboard paint
• Purchased stencils such as bats or ghosts
• Foam brushes
• Adhesive tape
• Paper plate
• White chalk

Fall craft ideas are perfect for Halloween party favors instead of more candy or popcorn. Clean and dry miniature pumpkins or small gourds are perfect for this project. Use adhesive tape to attach a tiny purchased stencil to one side of a pumpkin. Pour chalkboard paint onto a paper plate before using a foam brush to fill in the cutout of the stencil. When the paint dries, remove the stencil from the gourd or pumpkin. It is possible to write names or messages on the black chalkboard paint.

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