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A New Look At Sewing Patterns

A New Look At Sewing Patterns

Sewing Patterns Design

I made it myself : A new look at Sewing Patterns

Was the last exposure you had to Sewing Patterns in Home Economics 101? Do you have a wadded up failure in the bottom of a dark closet? Does the thought of even trying to cut out a pattern give you the vapors? If so take a deep breath and exhale. We have the cure for that age old impediment to sewing, the hard to use and even harder to decipher pattern. You know the ones , by the time you got done reading all the instructions and warnings on the little gray pages, and then wrestled with the yellow tissue paper you were out of the mood to sew anything.

Pattern companies have been working hard to refresh and update patterns for the home sewer and they have succeeded. Patterns now come with better explanations, more illustrations and lots of ‘how to’ instructions. Most modern Patterns are graded for the skill of the user. Patterns such as See and Sew, Easy One Hour, Yes it’s Easy, Easy Stitch and Save for example, are especially designed for the new or rusty sewer. You can indeed learn (or re-learn) to sew from patterns these patterns.

If you have a hidden fashonista inside just waiting to spring free, some of the designer patterns like those in the Project Runway Series will help you make your unique style. The concepts are new and the designs are trendy and as fresh as tomorrow.

Home sewing isn’t just for clothing anymore either. The newest explosion of creativity is in the area of accessories and crafts. Whether it’s for you, your home or even your dog, the right pattern is waiting. Decorative pillows and curtains can spice up any room. A new tote bag in a fun fabric will brighten your day. Fleece blankets for the kids in character prints or sports logos are sure to please. Working with a new color or funky design can be fun and economical when you stitch it up at home. Making it yourself also ensures quality. Good fabric, ample seams, and extra reinforcement make for a long wearing and much enjoyed project.

Finding that right pattern has been updated as well. You no longer have to thumb through all the pages in a pattern book at the store. Most pattern companies post their patterns on the web. You can browse in your P J s. Mini displays with lots of trendy patterns are in most stores that carry sewing notions. Of course the books are still available as well.

Why not dust off the machine and reintroduce yourself and maybe your son or daughter to the fun of sewing. With graded patterns, trendy new styles and helpful instructions you’ll soon be able to say with pride “Yes I made it Myself.”

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