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Holiday Craft Ideas

Holiday Craft Ideas

Holiday Craft Ideas

Christmas holiday craft ideas are always popular because many individuals begin celebrating right after Thanksgiving, and craft ideas for the holiday involve decorating the entire home, including nooks and crannies where small decorations are suitable.

One: Miniature Pine Trees in Candy Cane Design Clay Pots

Supplies needed:

• Real or artificial pine tree
• Small clay pot
• Potting soil or sand
• White and red paint
• Foam brushes
• Painter’s tape
• Tiny ornaments
• Paper plates
• Scissors

Holiday craft ideas require protecting a tabletop with newspapers to prevent damage from paint. Pour white paint on a paper plate, and use a foam brush to cover the outside of the clay pot. Allow the clay pot to dry completely before the next step. Cut painter’s tape into sections before placing on the clay pot in a design that resembles the stripes on a candy cane. Pour red paint onto a paper plate before painting the clay pot carefully on the sections not covered by the painter’s tape. Allow this paint to dry before removing the painter’s tape. Place the miniature pine tree in the clay pot, and fill it with potting soil for a live plant or sand for an artificial plant. Hang tiny ornaments on the tree for a decorative effect.

Two: Personalized Cookie Cutter Holiday Ornaments

Supplies needed:

• Plastic or metal cookie cutters
• Crafting knife
• Photographs
• Decorative cardstock
• Hot glue gun
• Gold or silver ribbon or twine
• Paint
• Foam brush

Craft ideas for the holiday always include making ornaments that are perfect for hanging on Christmas trees, and this project is suitable for different age groups. First, protect a tabletop’s surface with newspapers to avoid damage from the crafting knife and glue. Take photographs of family members and pets to use as the backing on the cookie cutter ornaments. If the cookie cutters are an appropriate color, then use the items without painting. However, it is also possible to paint metal or plastic cookie cutters with spray or brush-on paint. After the paint dries completely, place a cookie cutter on top of a photograph or decorative piece of cardstock. Cut around the cookie cutter with a crafting knife before using hot glue to attach the backing. Wait for the glue to dry while cutting a 6-inch piece of twine or ribbon to loop and tie before gluing to the top of the ornament to make it easy to hang.

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