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Decorating With Letters

Decorating With Letters

Decorating with Letters

Using letters to craft and decorate a home creates a personalized room without spending a lot of money. The best way to have wood monogram letters for crafting is by shopping at a hobby store where there are ready-made sizes available.

One: Wood Photograph Decoupage Letters

Supplies needed:

• Wood letters – 6-inch size
• Paint or stain
• Toner-based printed photographs
• Varnish
• Foam paintbrushes
• Mod Podge
• Newspapers
• Sandpaper
• Craft knife
• Small hanging hooks

Choose letters such as initials or enough letters to make a first name. Cover a table with newspapers, and use sandpaper to smooth away roughness on the wood letters before painting or staining the items with a foam paintbrush. When the surface of the letters is dry, proceed to the next step. Choose the part of each photograph that will look best on a letter’s surface, and place a letter on top of it. Use a craft knife to cut through the photograph to create a shape before placing the cutout on the letter it matches, and use a foam brush to cover it with a small amount of Mod Podge. After the Mod Podge dries, apply a coat of varnish for additional protection. It is possible to hang these photograph letters on a wall with hanging hooks.

Two: Miniature Frame Collage for a Child’s Room

Supplies needed:

• Miniature frames
• Small adhesive monogram letters
• Decorative card stock
• Several feet of flat ribbon – 2-inch wide
• Hot glue gun and glue sticks
• Hanging hook
• Crafting knife
• Scissors
• Newspapers

Parents love using letters to craft and decorate a child’s room. After covering a tabletop with newspapers, remove the cardboard backing from each of the frames. Use the pieces of cardboard as a pattern to cut the decorative card stock to place inside the frame. Before putting the card stock pieces in the frames, attach one adhesive letter to each piece to create a word such as a child’s first name or nickname. After the card stock pieces with adhesive letters are inside the frames, use scissors to cut a long piece of the ribbon. Leave 6-inches empty at the top of the ribbon before using hot glue to attach each frame a few inches apart, and leave 5-inches at the bottom. Make a bow from the ribbon to glue at the top before attaching a small loop of ribbon to hang this craft on the wall’s hanging hook.

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