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Creative Cannery

Creative Mason Jar Gift Ideas

Creative Cannery – Creative Mason Jar Gift Ideas

Mason jar madness has infected crafters worldwide who love the low price and versatility of these glass containers. Decorating with Mason jars has never been more popular because the items are perfect for everyday use or special celebrations.

One: Decorative Mason Jar Pencil Holders for a Home Office

Supplies needed:

• Several Mason jars
• Newspapers
• Clear glue
• Foam brushes
• Paper towels
• Thick yarn – at least two colors
• Small sprig of artificial flowers
• Hot glue gun
• Glue sticks
• Scissors

Decorating with Mason jars is perfect for a home office to give it a unique décor. Take the metal lids off the Mason jars, and save the items for another project. Wash and dry the Mason jars for the next step. Squirt clear glue on a paper towel, and cover a tabletop with newspapers before using a foam brush to put glue on the outside of a jar toward the bottom. Begin to wrap thick yarn around the jar while holding it with a hand inside the item, and cut the yarn with scissors after creating a decorative effect. Add more clear glue around the jar before switching to a different color of thick yarn. Continue this process until the entire Mason jar is covered. Allow the glue to dry completely before using hot glue to attach a complementary sprig of artificial flowers to one side of the Mason jar. Crafters can put pencils in a decorated Mason jar before placing it on a desk.

Two: Mason Jar Fireplace Mantel Snow Globes

Supplies needed:

• Mason jars
• Miniature plastic or glass figurines
• Silver iridescent glitter
• Hot glue gun
• Glue sticks
• Tiny wooden blocks
• Jugs of distilled water
• Glycerin
• Newspapers

Bring Mason jar madness into a living room with these one-of-a-kind snow globes. Wash the Mason jars and lids before protecting a tabletop with newspapers. Place a dab of hot glue on the underside of the flat lid to hold the tiny wooden block. Next, glue a figurine on the block with hot glue. While the glue dries, fill a Mason jar almost to the top with distilled water before adding three drops of glycerin. Pour in a generous amount of silver iridescent glitter. Turn the circle lid with attached figurine upside down to place onto the jar, and screw on the metal ring tightly. Decorating with Mason jars that look like snow globes is simple by placing the items on bookshelves or fireplace mantels.

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